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Many players have the problem of not being able to let the hand go because they feel that they have come so far in the hand, that is worth their while to continue to see the river.Most player have a decent strategy for the preflop and flop betting rounds, but have no real game plan for when the turn comes around.

If you are last to act then it is almost imperative to bet, otherwise you will be missing out on an opportunity to build the pot.

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If you missed your draw on the turn, you should roughly use the same strategy on this street as you did on the flop.The HUD is a separate program from pfdb, which fpdb starts automatically when an auto import is started. fpdb and the HUD share a configuration file (HUD_config.xml) and the fpdb database. As of this writing the HUD only reads from the database. Running the HUD. The HUD is started automatically by fpdb when an auto import is started.In this hand we 3 bet KK and get cold called by the villain in the straddle. We continuation bet the flop the flop but decide to check the turn to try and.

The focus is on flop and turn continuation betting. DeucesCracked videos provide a structured way to make yourself a better poker player and reduce tilt.

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Always keep a clear strategy in your head for each stage of a hand and your decisions will become a lot easier.

When compared to simply checking the flop it becomes clear that that line is the most profitable.This is a terrible way to play and will cost you a lot of money if you are not able to make clear and educated decisions on the turn.

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If we bet we risk being called only by better hands and good draws.

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It is incredibly difficult to predict what our opponent will do, which makes our decision very ambiguous.Poker tactics & strategy will. On the turn, to prevent your opponent betting on. When they miss the flop you can swoop in with a continuation bet and walk.

If you were lucky enough to hit your draw on the turn, you are now in the mode to try and extract as much money as possible.PokerListings explains the concept of the continuation bet - how to use it, when to use it and how it can increase your poker profits.

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If you and your opponent have been betting correctly in previous betting rounds, you should find that any bets or plays you make on this street will commit a large portion of your stack into the middle.When you find yourself at the turn, you will normally be in one of the following situations.

They may develop bad habits and not know what they are doing wrong.The turn is a much forgotten about betting round that does not get nearly enough as much attention as it should.This is a very straightforward and simplistic approach to how to play the game.Home Tribune Premium Content Entertainment Card Games Poker Bluff-raising a continuation bet can be profitable Bluff-raising a continuation bet can be. on the turn.

everything about Poker. assuming you think your opponent will fold before the flop or on the flop to a continuation bet a. 3-Betting Preflop with a Wider Range.Home » University » How to Win at Poker » Poker Bet Types. Poker Bet Types: 6 Poker Bets. Continuation Bet. but we would also go into the Turn card having.This is a discussion on Continuation bet within the online poker forums,. Watch out for c-bet because it could disrupt the turn and river. #5.Picking Off Continuation Bets - posted in Other Poker Cash Games: I'm just looking to get some opinions on what to do when you face a continuation bet. turn bet is.A player is said to be in position, if the player is last to act on the flop, turn and river betting rounds. Compare with continuation bet prop,.Firing a second barrel is a dangerous play, and it is advised that only the more experienced players attempt this sort of bluff.At this point you have probably not been given enough information to assume that your opponent has you beat, and so you should continue to make strong bets and lay down bad odds if they are on a draw.

Thinking about Continuation Betting Grinderschool Free Poker Strategy Articles. or to make a delayed continuation bet on the turn if your opponent checks to you.If you are first to act, betting or checking as both acceptable plays, and you should choose the one that you think would make you the most money.

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You should try and think about your turn decision whilst you are making your play on the flop.If you called on the flop with a half decent hand like middle pair, you were essentially calling to see how your opponent reacts on the turn.