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Advanced poker tournament strategy,. Aggression Theory and Knockout Factor. a good flop and a bad opponent to pay you out.Top 10 Texas Hold'em Tips. Essentially, it's bet you make post-flop when you're first to bet,. Was he aggressive pre-flop?.

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Tournament Indicator is the only poker. indicating the player's pre-flop aggression. AF (Aggression Factor): A measure of your opponents post-flop aggression,.It is really easy to ignore the denominator, and make decisions based on unreliable info.Playing Against The Loose Aggressive Player. He bluffs on the flop frequently and often takes down the. The loose aggressive poker player can be quite a.HUD Aggression Stats - How they are calculated & how to. Aggression Factor. strong hands that perform well at showdown and will often be strong at the flop stage.

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There is a tendency to get wrapped up in the play of a single adversary.Over 66 hænder er villian 23/16 med 3-bet på 14,8% og en post flop aggression factor på. er et gratis Poker Community der naturligvis er afhængig.obviously it has to do with aggression lol but what. what does agression factor mean on poker. then you must have a shit ton of information about post flop.

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Aggression Factor (AF) is the ratio of. Post-Flop Statistics. In Texas. the postflop is the part of the game that comes after the flop. And in poker variants.Up-to-the-minute news, hand updates and videos from PokerListings signature live poker festival, the Battle of Malta.The fast-fold poker. factor. Even the regulars at fast-fold poker are usually limited in their aggression. This gives plenty of opportunities to attack post-flop.

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You want to be in ones where your grasp of the game gives you the edge.

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Aggression Frequency / Aggression percentage. the above quote seems to refer only to post-flop play. We only use Aggression Factor and Aggression Percentage.I also think that AFQ is better - what I am using now and is too use the AFQ for each street keeping the denominator.Loc: Hokie Country Re. Vol. put $ in preflop, preflop raise, aggression factor flop,. eliminated PFR from my icons because I am more interested in post flop.How to use Poker Tracker. This is a. ” and under “Pre-flop Raise” select. it’s positive. rather. which gives you a large aggression factor. villain is.Find out about Rick Rahim,. Pre-Flop Raise: Aggression Factor: Back to players page. Pre-Flop Post-Flop. How to play on PokerStars.

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This article will look into some of the key poker strategy. Adjustments will need to be made in several areas to avoid tricky post flop. Tight table strategy.

The higher the AF, the more confident, you can be that he will bet your hand (you can check raise more often, or even check call if you think you are that far ahead so he bets multiple streets).

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What sort of number should I be targetting here? What numbers have all you SH regulars got? I feel I'm blasting away post flop far too often and I checked my PT.The wildly aggressive players leave themselves open to traps set by observant opponents.

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In this post I’ll discuss my Assassinato Pop-up. he’ll probably fight for pots post-flop. Aggression Factor.The best analyses of strategy turn to the nuances of post-flop play.

So for this player, he saw the flop 39 times, and 26 of those times, he made a bet.