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The four matrix bar 70 c, of course, is randomly oriented anywhere within the overall matrix of 1 through 49 positions.Many alternatives can be incorporated under the teachings of the present invention.

In other variations, the award to the player may be based solely on misses or a combination of hits and misses.Or, the player may be required to wager the winnings of the keno game, to place a separate wager, or push a separate button, or otherwise activate the bonus game over lines 25.The system 10 includes central processing unit (CPU) 20, media display 50, an activation signal received over line 25, a payout signal received over line 40, random number generator (RNG) 60, video screen 100, a memory 200 and, optionally, a solve indicator 30.For example, and as shown in FIG. 7( a ), the encircled numbers 9, 19, 23, 32, 35, and 43 are the six numbers selected by the player to play the conventional game of keno.Along the eastern shores of Michigan lies a collection of communities that are boastful about the color blue. 140 miles of shoreline unites the quaint towns of Clay.The Library of Congress National Digital Library Program. digital video and audio, and. in conjunction with the launch of the Library of Congress National.In either case, should the player be successful in identifying the coordinates of the entire hidden pattern 70 b, the game is over and the player is paid a predetermined number of units.KENO! tickets may be canceled only on the day of purchase, prior to the first draw on the ticket, at the retailer location where they were purchased.

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If the player does not wish to solve the puzzle for the hidden pattern, the player continues play of the game by not pressing the solve area 30 and simply continues to guess (e.g., steps 630 through 660 ) as described above.In this example, twenty credits for each uncovered pattern was added to payoff display or meter 820 so that at the end of the bonus game, 100 credits are shown.Or, the game can be incorporated as a choice of games so that a player coming to the gaming machine can select a game from a menu of games and the present game could be one of the choices.Beating Keno | - Your Online Keno Headquarters with tips, downloads, rules, history, strategies and more.This would provide incentive to the player to avoid misses in the play of the game.

Any suitable identification design could be used under the teachings of the present invention.Keno Merckx Université Libre de Bruxelles Algorithms Research Group Boulevard du Triomphe B-1050 Bruxelles - Belgium kmerckx 'at' ulb d0t ac d0t be.

If the player successfully completes a pattern in stages 630 a and 640 b by touching the remaining positions, then a match has occurred in stage 670.In another alternative version, the player has no knowledge of the hidden pattern 70.Generally, several guesses will be required to uncover the hidden pattern 70.

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The numbers 23, 32, and 35 are each encircled (player selected) and placed within a square (computer randomly selected).

This can be automatic so that at the end of every keno game, the player is given the opportunity to complete the pattern as a bonus game.If, after the first guess, the result is displayed in stage 640, the player activates the solve button 30 and successfully completes the hidden pattern 70, the player receives the highest payoff.In some methods of the present invention, this display 130 may be a display separate from screen 100 or simply a printed diagram.Table of Contents for Video compression and communications: from basics to H.261, H.263, H.264, MPEG2, MPEG4 for DVB and HSDPA-style adaptive turbo-transceivers / L.Thereafter, the state randomly, and without replacement, draws six numbered balls from a pool of 54 balls (numbered from 1 to 54).GTECH's world headquarters, shown while still under construction, in Providence, Rhode Island GTECH Corporation was a gaming technology company based in Providence.The Main aim of KENO NDP is to use 5 different formulas to predict the next drawing of a Keno Game. Using special algorithms in conjunction with a seed.

The bonus game has been played in parallel with the play of the underlying game as discussed above.We have been in the research phase since 2003 and started the company in January of 2009. Private video Network is currently operating by way of its two founders,.However, the player is able to view a gaming matrix which has a plurality of grid elements.Each payline has an equal chance, 1 in 50, of generating a bonus condition (i.e., on line 25 of FIG. 1) as a result of a symbol combination (or a symbol) which results in a visit to the bonus game of the present invention.The player knows that the hidden pattern is a bar having four spaces from area 130 and, hence, easily solves the bonus game by pressing areas 33 and 34 to complete the hidden pattern.

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As shown in FIG. 8( b ) elements 9, 10, 11, 12, and 13 become activated 822 to show pattern 818.

Furthermore, more than one pattern 70 can be used and each different pattern 70 can have different matrix entries 75.This process continues with each guess until the player runs out of a given number of guesses (or misses) or the hidden pattern 70 is uncovered.Wagers are settled based on the number of matching numbers (or numbered positions).In this case, the player playing the underlying keno game had three keno matches, received a suitable payoff and then went on to the opportunity to solve the bonus game of the present invention to receive a bonus payoff.In the absence of a solve area 30, the present invention would simply continue to step 660 and steps 630 a and 640 a would be eliminated.A virtual matrix comprised of a plurality of grid elements is provided, on which a hidden pattern, comprised of a plurality of matrix entries, is randomly placed.Results for 5 Spot Keno Patterns:. Multi-Card Video Keno. which for many purposes is better than the pseudo-random number algorithms typically used in.In practice, the hidden pattern 70 can be quite robust, and it thus provides for considerable variety in play.IT Jobs in 2020: A Leader's Guide; AI and jobs: Where humans are better than algorithms, and vice versa; IT jobs in 2020: Preparing for the next industrial revolution.