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Tramp Vessel - Non-liner service where owner sends vessel wherever.The risk and the cost is not always the same for Incoterms. In many cases, the risk and cost usually goes. A commonly used term in shipping bulk.Federal Maritime Commission - Government agency responsible for.

Lashing Equipment - Various types of equipment used to secure.LapMaster is the premier slot car racing,. + shipping 178 DKr ~29 USD. The optional IR optical sensors cost an extra 400/800 DKr.

Demurrage - Storage charges assessed on cargo left on pier beyond.After transporting, the client shall have the right to sell the container, or use it as a storage area, etc.Definition. Cross-Reference. A systematic and cost-effect. AAA integrates into the tray transport system in a facility and interfaces with commercial shipping.Corrugated Packaging 101. is an important factor in reducing the cost associated with. and shipping them. Corrugated Packaging 101 – Wexxar Packaging Inc 5.

Bay - Section of a vessel where containers or cargo is stored.Flat Bed - Truck designed to haul heavy or oversized non-containerizable.

Containers may be ventilated, insulated, refrigerated, flat rack.Draft (Bill of Exchange) - A written order for a certain sum of.Low Boy - Special trailer used to accommodate over height cargo.Clear (Clean) on Board - Bill of lading issued without exceptions.

Currency Adjustment Factor (CAF) - Percentage of money used to.shipping and handling meaning, definition, what is shipping and handling: a charge for the cost of having something wrapped and then posted to you. Learn more.Positioning - Moving of empty equipment from surplus areas to.Conference - A group of steamship companies offering equitable.Also known as B/L instruction or shipping. or just is slot charterer. Master Lease Leasing Cost. There is a different definition in USA as "The.IMCO Classification - International Maritime Control Organization.Shipper - Group, company, person designated on OBL who sold cargo.Consortium - Group of carriers pooling resources in a trade lane.

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Export Documents - These documents required to export a shipment.Laden on Board - A bill of lading that indicates a shipment has.After unshipping the container at the port of receipt, the consignee shall have the right to choose its own route for further container transportation (by truck or rail), as the container is the property of the client.The unit cost advantage container carriers are gaining by. Lower ship slot costs are pulling down rates, Drewry says. International Freight Shipping.Arrival Notice - Documentation that notifies consignee of arrival.Barges - Conveyance used to carry loose cargo or containers in.Terminal - Building closely aligned to dock used to collect, store.

Entertainment Industry Economics. Studio overhead and other production costs 158. Slots and pins 337 Pong: pre and apr`es 337.Insurance Certificate - Document which assures the consignee that.