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After one spin, our read indicated that the optimal bet was outside of the former target sector.

But I have yet to meet one dealer face-to-face who could reliably do it when challenged by me.

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Sooner or later you will run into the dealer who is always smiling and seems to be extra courteous and helpful.As I mentioned above, hardcore roulette players tend to believe that dealers can steer the ball to the area around a desired number.The dealer will assist. and dealers will be happy to explain the game to you in further detail so that you may fully enjoy your play at our Roulette table. Good.Analytical Thinking Skills The ability to think quickly and analytically is an important qualification for an effective casino dealer.Again, though I could tell you more stories of this type, this kind of thing is not the norm.

Early in our roulette learning process we ran into a dealer off-Strip who appeared to be steering for the players on his table.

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For example, it would be difficult for a dealer who was trying to learn to steer to know whether a bad result was due to variance or to his poor skill.I will first address the claims that variance is inevitably too high to allow dealer signature or steering.Do you want to know how to win at blackjack every time you. especially when the dealer is on a losing. they’ll also tell you that streaks of good cards and.No one in the pit seems to care about delaying the game to hunt down the ball and respin.If you are forced to change speed each spin, you can compensate for the changed speed by changing ball speed or launch location relative to the rotor.

To summarize, in the U.S. every roulette dealer seems to have his or her own idea of how the game ought to be run, and, with the exception of payout procedures, every one of them is allowed to deal the game however he or she wants.However, other casinos still use older style equipment which is quite beatable.Some dealers would be dealing one deck of a six-deck shoe, others would be dealing three decks, and others would be dealing every last card to the bottom.

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And, although we ran into other situations in which dealers appeared to be steering, we did not rely on the appearance of steering to determine whether steering was possible and exploitable in casinos.In addition, you must be able to endure working conditions that may require exposure to smoke and loud noises.If you’ve been playing roulette for any good. but anything outside of live dealer roulette,. Ice Crystals – Online Casino Games For Real Money.He believes, based on his own observation and data, that the variance in dealer ball spin, wheel speed, ball launching point and ball roll upon entering the rotor will be too high for the dealer to either steer the ball or have an exploitable dealing signature.

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Roulette tipping etiquette - Las Vegas Forum. United States;. A good Roulette dealer has an affection for the wheel and will always try to hit his/her.I get the feeling from European roulette players that dealers in Europe are more widely competent at steering than dealers in the U.S. European players get really pissed off when a dealer seems unable to hit a big sector.

Occasionally it would seem to us as we returned to one of these dealers that we had arrived in the middle of a play.No gambler at roulette who actually manages to get ahead ever seems to leave with his winnings.Not familiar with teh game of roulette Learn the basics here, including rules, strategies and tips for playing live online roulette.But even at casinos where a fixed dealing procedure seems to be enforced (at least on some shifts), we have found roulette dealers who are able to steer the ball using various combinations of wheel speed and ball speed.Part of this variance may be caused by dealing procedures that require the dealer to launch the ball in alternating directions or vary rotor speed on each spin or perform a blind spin without looking at the wheel during the launch.

Think of what it would be like if every dealer was permitted to design his own shuffling procedure, or just move the cards from the discard tray into the dealing shoe without a shuffle whenever he felt like it.We went back to record more data against dealers other than our original dealer, and none of it showed a bias.Look for a Roulette Casino with Good Credentials. - Some bonuses and promotions that apply to playing roulette can be found in the live dealer section at the.

The other thing to remember is that even if a dealer is rooting for the players and steering for the players, at some point the dealer will stop.You need to maintain a high activity level at your table and engage all of the players, regardless of skill level or the seriousness with which they place their bets.Laurance Scott is pretty much alone in the serious literature on the other side of the debate.To determine whether or not a particular dealer could steer, we collected data.It is important to be natural when trying to read the dealer.

Further, observing dealers who are steering is the best way to learn visual prediction methods that will actually work on the modern game.

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Compare these actions to those of professional bowlers, golfers, pool players, and similar athletes.A former roulette dealer and a pit boss weigh in on the debate over Laurance. Can Roulette Dealers Steer the Ball?. asserted that "A good croupier can place his.But on this occasion, the dealer appeared to be steering against him from the very first spin.Why is an online casino better than a traditional casino?. players make while playing roulette; Choosing a good table to. to tip the roulette dealer in.

When their fingertips made contact with the ball, they picked up the ball and launched it with a fixed routine.To our surprise, the results for that session, when taken alone, indicated no bias whatsoever.Indeed, no croupier can get it into even a predesignated half of the wheel, let alone into 1, 2, or 3 favored numbers.