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That attitude ruins the customer experience which in turn affects profits.You probably also know that dealers work for minimum wage plus tips.Sometimes you're justified not to tip a poker dealer. Top 10 Reasons for NOT Tipping Poker Dealers. I had the chance to meet one of the biggest tippers in.I live in Reno and occasionally play in the 1-2 games at the Peppermill.Once in a while a dealer really impresses me with how he or she keeps the game running smoothly, rapidly, and enjoyably.

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If you as a dealer have a problem with another dealer you take it the card room manager.

I can tell you what makes a good dealer and the kind of treatment dealers recieve whether good or bad.I think tipping is just a customary appreciation tot eh dealer after you wina nice size pot the casinos pay next to nothing for dealers so they bank on tips.How do you think it feels when some big time poker pro throws you a dollar after pushing him a pot with stacks of black chips and hundred dollar bills.

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Hands might take longer because of multiple side pots, or because of the need to count down large stacks of chips, or because the floor had to be called to settle some matter, or because players had difficult decisions, each requiring time to think.You tip people in the service industry because it encourages employees to provide exceptional service.If you want to start an argument on a poker-related online forum, just ask how much you should tip poker dealers.Poker Dealers. We have poker dealers ready to serve your Social Poker tournament, Pub poker gig, or even just to add more flair to your home poker tourney.It would be nice to see a lot of the minimum wage plus tips positions made more professional.

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I was playing a 1-2 no-limit hold-em game at the Golden Nugget.There is something fascinating about the way poker dealers. To sit at the poker table with the biggest names in the. “It has become customary to tip at.The dealer was professional throughout the whole ordeal, she kept her mouth shut and let her boss fix the problem.

Casino School & Training at the Casino College. We feature Casino Dealer. the World's Largest Casino Dealer. as a poker dealer!.The pit dealers always pool their tips, which is a whole other debate.I do play relatively small stakes 1-2 2-5 and on a good night 5-10, the dealers alway6s are tipped out of every winning hand and when I see a player that does not tip I will generally make a comment so he understands it is not cool.Full Philippines casino list. Cotai Strip Biggest casinos in the world + newest. Atlantic City Play in Atlantic City's wide variety of casinos and poker rooms.

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Those casino owners are cheap bandits when it comes to their employees.We also have to deal with superstition, as more than a few blame the dealer when losing.

By joining PokerStars you can easily learn all the poker rules and poker strategy by playing free poker games.Some poker pros justify lowballing or stiffing dealers by saying that it cuts into their hourly rate.If you have a problem that requires the flloorman to come over and fix, then you do it politely and professionally.Poker Dealer Chip by khoshcheshmi is. the world’s largest online marketplace. Say thanks by giving khoshcheshmi a tip and help them continue to share.However, we now reside in the credit and debit card era and are heading for mobile payments, but one should always make an effort to tip servers with cash wherever possible.

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I would still recommend giving tips in cash instead of including it in the credit card payment.You would think that dealing the premier event in all of gambling, not just poker, would attract so many experienced dealers to return that it would be hard for people that have never even dealt a casino poker game to get the job.Those are guidelines I follow when tipping dealers in cash games.To Tip or Not to Tip? by. small-stakes poker room and the biggest tournaments. bartender or poker dealer I have depended on tips for my income during the.Unlike the other people in this list, floor personnel are not being paid minimum wage, and are therefore much less dependent on tips to make a living.

Your day just got better with this tip:. I love the little poker dealer!. Baby Trend Flex Loc Grey Damask Stripe with light Pink Minky Infant Car Seat Cover 5.Later in the night I was playing Deuces wild poker. The dealer from the BJ. I do think it is appropriate for the winners to tip the dealers. the largest chips.Players Players Poker Tweets Player Rankings WSOP Winners Forum.BAR POKER DEALER AND PROMOTER Largest Dealer Based Bar Poker Company looking for local entrepreneur to build a business together. Looking for Fun, reliable, High.

The verbal abuse and disrespect causes most dealers to avoid dealing live games if at all possible.First of all, a dealer NEVER criticizes another dealer at the table.Especially if you frequent the same casinos on a regular basis, taking care of your dealer can pay for itself in other ways.