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Dixon tells her she has no choice in the matter, so Adrianna leaves.

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Sean agreed, but he suddenly left town the next morning without telling anyone.Naomi is sentenced to community service because of her false accusations of sexual harassment. Elsewhere, Silver meets Teddy's movie-star dad (Ryan O'Neal); Liam and.Soon afterwards, Dixon and his parents found the film burning outside, prompting Harry and Debbie to ponder what was going on.

Michaela tells the group that she needed time and it turns out that she had a miscarriage.Adrianna wanted to surprise him with studio time so they could cut a new demo.Annie had a nude photo of herself sent out to her entire school (WBH) in season 2.Later, Austin tells Dixon he had a great time and appreciates everything he did for him.90210 season 2 episode 19. Navid and Dixon host an underground gambling party that results in Dixon owing Mark a lot of money.

After Dixon talks to Austin about his weird relationship with Ivy last year, he tells him he has a plan.When the picture leaks, Dixon punches Mark (the boy the took the picture).Dixon needs an artist for his record label and when Silver moves Michaela into the beach house, he discover that she has an amazing voice.

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Dixon Wilson (Character) from "90210". Although Dixon breaks up with. can't because he broke into the school and Harry was covering for his gambling.During an early lacrosse practice game at school, a brief fight broke out when Dixon was assaulted by a fellow player named George.

On a tight schedule, Dixon struggles to prepare a demo CD for a music producer he is meeting.When Silver comes back with Naomi for the winter break, Dixon tries to win Silver back by making up things about Teddy and other girls.Adrianna Tate-Duncan. comforting Silver over her issues with Dixon and beginning their. succumb to his newfound drug addiction or previous gambling.While accompanied by Annie, Dixon took a trip to Arizona in order to see his birth mother, Dana.His arrival initially prompted a degree of jealously in Dixon, due to the amount of time spent between Sean and Harry.

Sasha starts becoming suspicious about Dixon and decides to spy on him.Beverly Hills, 90210 was one of the most popular teen. Done with Brandon (gambling), Dylan (alcohol/drug. Dixon also shares a few similarities with Clay.

He begins fake-dating with Ivy and they later take their relationship to the next level.When Dixon and Silver come home, they discover a note from Michaela and all of her bags are gone.Dixon proceeds to tell her about the accident and she proceeds to kiss him.

Dixon revealed that he himself had grown up in troubled family environments before being adopted by the Wilsons.Silver became notably agitated when a waitress gave her unexpected news about an order, but a perplexed Dixon pacified her.Later at the beach house, Adrianna returns and finds Dixon on the floor complaining about a sharp pain in his back.90210; Season 2. Season 1;. Episode 21: Javianna. Harry and Debbie's problems escalate when she finds out that Harry has been hiding Dixon's gambling issues.While at the party, Adrianna unlocks their handcuffs and Dixon thanks her for looking out for him.Dixon realizes that Silver is bipolar Silver later took an interest in film, compiling a small project for a local theater.Then, the doctor tells Annie and Debbie that Dixon is in stable condition, but the use of his legs and hands might be affected.

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Gambling regulators in 2 states reviewing Wynn allegations. New faces on the '90210' block. Among Annie and Dixon's new best friends are bad little rich girl.Riley finds Dixon on the pier and gets him angry enough that Dixon gets out of his chair.For Christmas, Dixon and Annie bring him home to stay with them.

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However, Dixon and Harry eventually resolved the matter with a discussion, leading Dixon and Sean to become closer as well.Dixon tries to get Adrianna to another record label, but she messes up the chance.Sasha returns and surprised Dixon by telling him that she was HIV-positive and warns him to get tested.As 90210 inches closer to its second season finale, Dixon Wilson has a lot on his plate. His mother might be having an affair, he's developed feelings for Ivy and.Austin then spends half the episode drinking beer and playing darts at the bar.

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He then comforted her again and she was eventually taken to a hospital.Shirts are pushed up, stomachs are salted, and yes, many photos are taken.

On the first day of school, Dixon decides to date less complicated girls and feels that he is over Silver, but she still wants another chance.While at the session, a girl named Megan introduces herself to the group.90210’s school paper just got a hot new faculty adviser! The Ausiello Files has been told exclusively, and then of course ran right to you to blab, that Hal Ozsan.

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Right before her interview, Dixon comes by to tell Annie that she should tell the truth and that he supports her.

Then, Annie goes to Dixon to find him and the cops show up, looking for Dixon and Austin because of an anonymous tip about the fire.Dixon gets a call to meet someone at a recording studio and is surprised to see Adrianna there.