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Macau's economy continued to contract in the second quarter of the year, according to figures published by the Statistics and Census Service.Recent statistics suggest rates have begun to subside, but studies show that casino staff are at heightened risk of gambling addiction themselves, as well as other issues related to the nature of the work.Macau’s economy may reverse three years of contraction and return to growth in 2017 as its casinos industry led by units of Las Vegas Sands Corp. and Wynn Resorts.Macau May 9.3% Casino Revenue Growth Disappoints. what is happening with Macau casino companies in. Macau was the fastest growing economy in the.The politics in this semiautonomous Chinese territory remain nonconfrontational, impressive new hotels and overhead light rail tracks are still going up.The sustainability of economic growth is questionable because Macau relies primarily on the gaming industry for this growth.

History of Nevada/Modern Nevada (1912-1945). Las Vegas has become inseparable from the culture of vice and economy of gambling whose origins. Cody-Buffalo-Bill-LOC.As a result, public protests are rare, although young people angered by alleged corruption among Macau officials are leading a small but growing movement of dissent.

Saying that, the rapid growth has happened in a relatively short amount of time, so the government does have the funds and sufficient time to invest in other business activities, but what these will be remains to be seen.Gambling in Macau has been legal. the gambling industry is also a source of instability in the Macau economy, as the nature of gambling business is not.What happened next exposed the foundations of this boom to be shaky, both economically and ethically.However, it would not be entirely fair to compare these two cities, as there are a number of unique contributing factors that set them apart.For now, the wide corridors of Studio City, decked with upscale retail, restaurants and nightclubs are almost devoid of foot traffic.Macau continues to face the challenges of managing its growing casino industry, risks from money-laundering activities, and the need to diversify the economy and.Macau’s prospects as the world’s casino capital depend on policy makers in Beijing, a reality that—if ever in doubt—was made clear in 2014 as China’s.

While the situations in Detroit and Macau are vastly different, there are useful comparisons to be made.The European Union is taking aim at Sweden's state-owned gambling monopoly,. there to boost government economy,. its gambling market after a.Macau's economy is on a bad run – and its sizable gambling sector is largely to blame. Macau, a semi-autonomous Chinese region, saw its gross domestic product.

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The agricultural and tourism industries are suffering considerably and unemployment and poverty are increasing despite healthy oil-related revenues.

By the second quarter of this year, GDP had grown by 10.2 percent and the unemployment rate is currently at around 1.9 percent. The former Portuguese colony is a phenomenal success story.This Guide to Law Online Macau contains a selection of Chinese legal, juridical, and governmental sources accessible through the Internet. Links provide access to.Moody’s Investors Service says it expects Macau’s economy to contract by 6.0 percent year-on-year in 2016, amid falling gaming revenues. The rate of decline will.Their city made its fortune from gambling, but Macau’s citizens are remarkably risk. Why Macau's real economy is yet to be hit by a massive slump in nominal.The author is a Forbes contributor. as the well as the report’s figures on the impact of gaming growth on Macau’s broader economy.

In Nigeria, for example, the sole reliance on oil reserves is resulting in a lack of investment and development in other sectors.The cosmopolitan free port of his ancestry — Souza also claims a connection to a Japanese seafarer who settled here in the Pearl River Delta way back — is fast becoming a simulacrum of mainland China, he says.Macau’s gambling addiction. Referred to by some as the Las Vegas of the East and the Monte Carlo of the Orient,. Macau’s economy is booming.

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Hotel operators from Macau want to invest in non-gambling ventures, like golf courses and sports stadiums on Hengqin.In Detroit, the reliance on the unionised auto industry resulted in decades of job losses, reduction in population size and eventual bankruptcy.Testimony before the U.S.–China Economic. Macau and China's Gambling Problem1 Macau. Probably the most common way to get cash to gamble in a casino in Macau.Macau has a lot of challenges ahead to secure its long-term success.

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the economic and social effects of casino development in macau the economic and social effects of casino devlopment in macau by christopher w. benton.

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Macau is starting to see its fair share of social and economic dilemmas developing as a result of the monolithic gaming industry.

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This can be observed in Detroit, where the sole reliance on the manufacturing industry resulted in a lack of opportunities when the industry declined, causing bankruptcy and widespread poverty.As the Macau gaming. Parisian Macau opens Tuesday but China economy a concern for Macau gambling. which in turns benefits Macau, he noted. —Follow CNBC.

Some people born in Macau are now said to commute from cheaper areas on the mainland.Gambling Stock Roundup: Weak Macau Economy Raises Concern, Full House Resorts & Century Casinos Disappoint. Macau, the only gambling destination in China,.

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March 25 -- Macquarie Capital Senior Analyst Chad Benyon discusses gambling and Macua’s economy. He speaks on “In The Loop.” -- Subscribe to.The Parisian goes a step further: a half-scale replica of the Eiffel Tower is already complete.