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This person knows my full name, address, phone number, email address and what my occupation is.I replied with some family gossip about my daughter (friends with her daughter who had a baby recently).I will not respond to any other communications on this matter.

A lady by the name of Lillian Bates has sent me scam messages saying my name was selected for the Facebook Promo Lottery.All winnings must be claimed not later than 10th AUGUST, 2013.Home address, full name, occupation, email, phone number, monthly income and Facebook password.Congratulations once more from all members and staffs of this program and have.Thank you for using the Facebook, We congratulate you over your success in the just concluded and official publication of results of the Facebook online draw held today 11th SEPTEMBER 2014.No way, every time they said you would be delivered your winning check and Legal Document and a claim that was required.

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I was Instructed to get you contacted by the Facebook CEO Mr Mark.I have a good news for you concerning your Facebook Account.I was just contacetd by a person claiming to be from the Facebook Lottery Promotions Board along with a notice from the FBI about winning a Face Book Lottery of 500,000 dollars can anyone tell me if this is another scam or not.Also the original friend request from someone i knew I deleted but warned it was a hoax or scam then their response was No.

Thanks for your urgent response, I have acknowledged the receipt of your message and I am impressed to read your queries that is to show your high understanding about this matter.My scam was identical-they used the name of an old high school classmate, sent me a link with a picture of Karen Connie Sr. who is administering the Facebook lotto, etc.His picture was that of a guy in military dress clothing and the wall said Facebook lottery.Ok a new one on line Pst Steve Gilks.Says MZ gave him permission to contact me about winning 600,000.00 We are at the point now where hes going to inform me on how to collect my winnings.just gave me a winnings code.wants me to go somewhere with the code so they can cut me a check want you to know that we have two way our lucky winners receive their winning prize and you have to choose one of the option and get back to us so that we can process on it.Like everyone else with a JOB (Just Off Broke) and desperate for cash at the end of the month, i fell foul of this, til i saw the upfront disbursement charges.I have a Samantha Long who just added me on Facebook trying to run this scam.

Would love to know if my computer and data is at risk from info I provided, thank you.Allen west write me message:Am Allen from the Facebook social Network Inc. and i was authorized to send you a request by the Facebook C.E.O. Am here to pass a Good News regarding your Facebook Account.

We assure you that once you made the payment your winning money will be deliver to you without any delay.I got a friend request from a Allysa Smith says she from the Facebook company and is an online agent.Turned out wasting a whole day with them on my messenger chat, thinking I was chatting with my aunt and a women named Cindy Hatch, who said she was the winning lottery claims agent.Am here to pass you a good news about your facebook account from the facebook board organization.They reacon that the fbi knows about it and that its all legit.

Very obvious mispellings and grammar errors as well as copy and paste, not typing responses.I was contacted today and was told it was microsoft and facebook drawing that had me 600000 dollars was to send 350 dollars to fed ex in tulsa ok to claim my winnings.After writing into you I got a friend request from a Laura Layle.I work for Fedex, I was appointed as your official delivery agent.For the avoidance of doubt, your Facebook account was generated from one of.The alleged friend said that someone from Facebook came to their house to bring them money and that I was on the list along with them.My name was one of the winners from Facebook promotion of the year.I thought it was just a normal conversation. after that HE said, I was authorize to contact you by the Facebook CEO Mr Mark Zuckerberg and he told me to pass to you some good news about your Facebook Account.

I want to go make the Part of the winnings to the Cashier now.You visited his Facebook Fanpage during your Login pace on Facebook, and it was selected through our administrative database from over two million active Facebook profiles from your Middle East Geographical Region as part of our international promotions program which is conducted annually.Mr Beckford asked me for banking info of course I had none to give him.So you can text Mr TONY in charge of the delivery (815) 687-0338.

I had a friend request from someone I know well and I thought there was a glitch with Facebook or that he was re-starting his account.She also has been receiving text messages for the last week from phone number 424-703-4489.I was told to contact them after the money had been paid, so they could confirm the payment and I would receive my money IN CASH at 10 am the next day.Have you Heard about the Facebook online lottery going on now.I am not able to help you and you have declared that you are indeed a scam.

TONY Morgan of the to enable them deliver your check to your home with the information bellow.Currently she has only 3 friends, and other than her photo nothing on her page.Lynn melanie hooten sent me a message on fb that i won 500,000.00 dollars.I have gotten a message on facebook messenger saying that i had won the Facebook lottery by this women by the name Stephanie Gagnon last night trying to get me to give her all my information.