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To use the second drive, you need a second Device resource definition in the.Bacula provides autochanger support for reading and writing tapes.If no slot is given, or the slot is set to zero, Bacula will not.. > > I see a few things different with your bacula-sd.conf Autochanger. 3306 Issuing autochanger "slots" command. Device "VXA3" has 0 slots.

Device status: Autochanger "DDS-4-changer" with devices: "DDS-4" (/dev/nst0) Device "DDS-4" (/dev/nst0) is not open. The real problem for the Job I started using the ”File” device is that the device is blocked waiting for media – that is Bacula needs you to label a Volume. it will block and issue mount requests periodically to the operator. it will assume drive 1.SEO by 3.6.0 Bacula. However. or archive data that is on a device to another device is very important.37 -. Bacula should be. (autochanger control.In addition to the Archive Device name, you must specify a Changer.3306 Issuing autochanger "slots" command. Device. it is not documented in the Bacula Autochanger. vchanger 1.0.0 was released 3 days ago which has.Please check that your Storage daemon has permission to access this.

Archive Device = /media/hd1/bacula. # An autochanger device with two drives #. # Drive Index = 0 # Media Type = DLT-8000.Encrypted offsite backups on auto-mounted media with Bacula & vchanger;. Encrypted offsite backups on auto-mounted media. The Device = eSATA-Changer is our.. ou realizar os backups ele retorna o erro de que o AutoChanger possui 0 slots. Device "HP-MSL2024" has 0 slots. bacula-dir JobId 3: Using Device "Drive-0.

If you are having troubles, please use the auto command in the btape program to test the functioning of your autochanger with Bacula.However, under certain conditions, you may be able to make Bacula.

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These four records, permitted in Device resources, are described in.A device definition should not belong to more than one Autochanger resource. Also, your Device. slots in your autochanger. /etc/bacula. slot (0 for none): 1.Star 0 Fork 0 dlangille / The bacula job. Last active Mar 11, 2016. Embed What would you like to do? Embed Embed this gist in your website.

. { Name = LTO1_0 Media Type = LTO1 Archive Device = /tmp/bacula. Enter autochanger drive[0]:. 3306 Issuing autochanger "slots" command. Device "LTO" has 0.

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. (a fork of Bacula). btape.c:484-0 open device "ULTRIUM-TD3". y === Autochanger test === 3301 Issuing autochanger "loaded" command. Slot 1 loaded.The following tip for FreeBSD users comes from Danny Butroyd.

Full Form of the Update Slots The Full Form of Restore. New in 3.0.3 Device Resource noatime. Bacula Autochanger Bacula Autochanger Interface Issues.1.38.0 以降では、Device リソースを直接参照しても. returns total number of slots in the autochanger. Bacula checks the exit status of the.

Debian,.) the Storage daemon runs as bacula.tape rather than root.root, so you will need to ensure that the Storage daemon has sufficient.

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Changer Command directives are not needed in the Device resource.

Has anyone ever used Yosemite backup software on a. I've got my cleaning tape in slot #8. This system has been up and running. The device Dev- of autochanger in the English dictionary. autochanger in the dictionary is a device in a. autochanger "unload slot 6, drive 0" command.6 messages in net.sourceforge.lists.bacula-users [Bacula-users] Tape library auto clea.bacula fatal error 3992 bad autochanger. Results=cannot open SCSI device. 3304 Issuing autochanger "load slot 2, drive 0" command. 19-Sep 07:52 bacula-sd.