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My decision was to change the 12-number lotto combination after each lottery drawing.There is a gambling science and I call it the mathematics of streaks.I run my software with filters (restrictions that reduce the amount of outcomes).If they are wrong, I say so honestly, mainly based on mathematics, without starting wildfires.Up with baccarat made simple by john. Posted by david vernon idea. Lottery Roulette, baccarat, baccarat system tester what poker sites us you to play baccarat.US Green Card Lottery application & guaranteed official registration. Apply for the green card for your permanent US work & residence visa. Get your green card!.

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I can also attest that I am the first winner of my theory and strategies and systems and software.

Nonetheless, it was in the 1985-1987 that I won the lottery most frequently than ever.

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Only lottery strategies, systems, special software can win with consistency and make a profit.

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It made me buy a personal computer before I even owned a car.I also made presentations in the social media (Facebook, Twitter) from 2009 and ongoing (as of 2015).Handicapping requires a big bankroll, as the favorites do not win 1 in 3 races.The streak-based gambling system is also applicable to baccarat.Had we played the new lotto combinations, we would have hit a 3-million dollar jackpot.The first lottery strategy I derived from the Fundamental Formula of Gambling (FFG) is presented on one of the earliest pages of my website: Lottery Software, Lottery Strategies, Lotto Systems.The best feature in horse betting is high trifecta payouts when longshots win.

Join the epic quest of good versus evil! What treasures will the Sword of Destiny bestow upon you? Play Game Play Demo.I created software in different fields, especially probability theory, statistics, combinatorial mathematics, random number generating.My lotto strategy was based on frequency of numbers and pairing.There are numerous lottery strategies at this Web site, spread over numerous pages.I generated and I posted 10 Euromillion combinations in the oldest lottery forum of the Internet.I made a more detailed mathematical presentation on a later page: Mathematics of Fundamental Formula of Gambling, Logarithms, God.

One of the fellows in our lottery group gave me a ride to groceries every Friday.That is, how many times the strategy hit in any range of lotto drawings.


Other Betting Systems. Collecting Statistics on Lottery Numbers - Some people carefully chart the frequency with which. A roulette wheel consists of.The worst situation for me occurred in the more tolerant Atlantic City: I was banned by a casino pit boss.But before that, we would stop by a lottery agent and play our tickets.

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Senate report on INTERNET GAMBLING FUNDING PROHIBITION ACT. This report is by the Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs.The best strategy for horse racing records the results of races that have at least 9 horses (for acceptable trifecta payouts).LocusPlay is a secured lottery platform for land based, online and mobile lottery that helps you transform paper based lottery to digital lottery.I would receive emails or read posts in forums, especially mine, that him gambler, or even her gambler, encountered indefinitely long losing streaks.All strategies or software applicable to sports as in my predicting methods appeared a few years after I published my theory.

The state Constitution prohibits any public official who exercises some portion of the sovereign power of the state from gambling or betting on any game of chance.Mathematically, however, the chance (degree of certainty) is better if skipping lottery drawings and playing more tickets more rarely.Employment - Apply Here Questions or Concerns? Please call 1-866-547-6310 P.O. BOX 93835 - Las Vegas, NV 89193.He said that a state Constitution provision against public officials gambling or betting on games of chance applies to the lottery.It is based on the cold fact that the teams play differently at home compared to away.Sport betting is where I started in this field of gambling mathematics.There is absolutely no doubt that I was the first to apply the results of previous games to predicting future games.I made the sport betting strategy public at my website in 2000 while in USA.

I would choose the last combonation generated by the computer.I mean, read this, please: Euromillions Strategies, Systems, Software, Winning Numbers.

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The data recording is laborious and patience is also required.Such filter settings occur less frequently, but eliminate a huge amount of lotto combinations.The non-favorites won 169 horse races out of 272 or 62.13% of the time.

Last submitted websites:. Lottery, Roulette, Perfection, Jiang, Chi,. am reusit s punem pe primul loc distractia juctorilor nostri,.I detail the roulette strategy based on streaks on this Web page: The Best-Ever Roulette Strategy, Systems based on mathematics of progressions and free-for-all.By not playing a number of drawings, the lotto player can save real money.

Meanwhile, I have succeeded in our common interests because I do not care about the negative reactions of others.And his son had nothing better to do on February 12, 1986 but visit his father.The Best Casino Gambling Strategies: Blackjack Roulette, etc.Those groups define the lottery filters, lottery filtering, reduction: my discovery.

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