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This involves massive retargeting and a rethinking of promotion and even products.

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Few marketing professionals in the casino industry have taken advantage of not just the sheer volume of data but the increasingly sophisticated analytical techniques with which to make sense of the data.Analyzing Potential Challenges, Opportunities Facing Indiana’s Casino Industry Prepared for Casino Association of Indiana October 19, 2009 1201 New Road, Suite 308.

Overall, the industry saw lacklustre revenues, a reduction in margins, and a surge in player reinvestment percentages.Three critical challenges for online. But bearing in mind that the main cause of failed customer sign-ups across the gaming industry is the length of time and.

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Marketers will be increasingly required to upgrade their skills when it comes to conceptually understanding the Marketing-IT interface as well as being able to use high-level statistical techniques for solid customer insights. 3. Social Media For sure, every casino has its Facebook page, and most properties provide opportunities for customers to engage with them via Twitter.

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Open access academic research from top universities on the subject of Gaming and Casino. the casino industry. and the challenges of...Facebook and Amazon have paid their way into the $100 billion video-game industry. 6 Reasons the Video-Game Industry Will Be Disrupted in 2015. Social Casinos.TRANSFORMATIONAL CHANGE IN THE SOUTH. in the context of the South African gambling and. Transformational Change in the SA.

Loyalty can of course be bought in the short-term with generous comps and extravagant promotions but these retention tools are expensive and easy for the competition to copy.The metric of effectiveness has shifted from the volume of sales generated to the marketing productivity.RSI is a new threat that has to be addressed by the gaming industry. The New Threat Facing Casinos Today. In the case of casino players,.The overall economic performance still remains a mystery, and competition within the industry could intensify from here on as many state and provincial governments look to casinos as a means of generating badly needed tax revenues.

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A customer-centric culture backed by employees who are rewarded on the basis of metrics that ensure the best possible customer experience is the only proven antidote to customer churn. 5. Shifting Demographics The casino industry has to try hard to woo the Millennials, particularly the Echo Boomers, if its future is to remain secure.Welcome to the sixth edition of Gambling outlook 2017-2021. This publication focuses on segments within the South African gambling industry,. as key challenges and.Our educational programs and services are focused on helping members stay ahead of the curve of industry. The legal challenges of. of such events and.Sure, we do try to measure the performance of our various promotional campaigns, but I have yet to meet a casino executive who has been able to quantify the net marketing contribution for the company.

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Predictive Analytics in the Gaming Industry. mass market marketing campaigns,” Sutton argues in his paper Patron Analytics in the Casino and Gaming Industry:.

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The World Has Changed and Casinos Need the Competitive Advantage of Real-Time Customer Feedback.Winning the Singapore Bid: A Lesson in Product Attributes and Positioning.Surviving the Macau Manager Turnstile: Counsel for Expat Managers.

True customer loyalty, attitudinal and behavioral, is mostly the outcome of how your frontline employees treat the players.The Gaming Village Must Deliver An Exceptional Guest Experience.

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focuses on the following major industry segments: casino gambling,. we focus on the issues and challenges that are most. Nigeria – Kenya) Betting on Africa.of revenue, unfair competition and increased challenges associated with problem gambling?. the regulated gambling industry because over time, as revenues.

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What this means is that every 1.75 years, we have twice the amount of data to contend with.A Look at the Gaming Industry’s Influencer Marketing Challenges YouTube and Twitch sponsorships are becoming an integral part of any meaningful video-game-marketing.Casino Marketing Will Be Disrupted By Facebook Graph Search for 5 Important Reasons.

ARTICLES Marketing Challenges for the Global casino Industry in the Year of the Dragon and Beyond by Sudhir Kale 2011 could be generally considered as a tough year.the current HRM challenges in the casino industry and to explore the possible implications for industry practitioners to consider.Rearing its head once every 12 years, the dragon is the only mythical creature among the dozen animals in Chinese astrology.